Dispute ADR/ODR

Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution (ADR/ODR)

If you have a dispute with us, please attempt to resolve it with us informally. If you remain unhappy after this process, you may wish to refer it to Trading Standards. Should you have a dispute concerning a product or service purchased online, you may access the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Portal here:http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

The ODR platform is operational since 9 January 2016 in the light of Directive 2013/11/EU on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes, which also deals with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

For any further information do not hesitate to contact our to drop us a line at e-shop@urbanitartufi.it

Legal information


Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a branch of dispute resolution which uses technology to facilitate the resolution of disputes between parties. It primarily involves negotiation, mediation or arbitration, or a combination of all three. In this respect it is often seen as being the online equivalent of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). However, ODR can also augment these traditional means of resolving disputes by applying innovative techniques and online technologies to the process. The ODR platform will provide an electronic complaint form and information on how to complete it. The respondent party will be informed of a complaint that has been lodged, and the competent ADR entity will then be contacted. All ADR entities must be listed. The ODR platform also offers a free electronic case management tool. All ADR proceedings should be closed within 30 days and, if no solution can be achieved, the ADR entity must inform the complainant of its options for pursuing legal action.

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