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Trout is an extraordinary freshwater fish. In the cold waters of Nera river that crosses the Umbrian Valnerina, in the green heart of Italy where Scheggino is located and the historic seat of Urbani Tartufi, you can find many of them. In this recipe, a typical Umbrian cuisine has been enriched by the Black Truffle Purée, to give life to a tasty dish with a structured flavor, perfect to be accompanied by a glass of Montefalco Red.


While boiling potatoes in salted water [1], we bring the milk with a clove of garlic and some pistils of Cascia saffron [2].

In the meantime, prepare a sautéed oil, onion, garlic, anchovies, sage, rosemary and olives. Let’s fry and flavor [3].

Meanwhile, you can garnish the trout fillet with the Black Truffle Purée and season with salt and pepper [5]. The fillet, once seasoned, is rolled up and stopped by two wooden sticks [6].

At this point the fillet can be put in the pan to cook, for about 10 minutes, in the pan that we prepared earlier. Finally, the cooking should be completed, for a further 10 minutes, in the oven (140 degrees) [7].

While the trout is cooked in the oven, we finish the potatoes preparation. Once boiled and crushed with a fork [7], the potatoes are mixed with saffron milk, then emulsified with a blender.

We just have to flatten [8], serve the trout fillet on top of a bed of saffron potatoes and garnishing everything with the fried trout.