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The beef fillet is an exceptional cut of meat that, expertly cooked on the plate, releases on the palate the juices and an extraordinary taste. In this recipe it is accompanied by mushrooms seared in a pan and glazed with White Truffle Butter. Even the meat, once cooked, is further softened and scented by butter. A succulent dish, for an important dinner. The taste of excellence.


After getting a nice fillet of beef, at least 5 or 6 centimeters high, tie it twice with kitchen string. Season with salt and pepper both sides and let it season for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, roughly chop the mushrooms and scald them in a pan, adding a little extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, smells and garlic. When the mushrooms have wilted glaze them in the pan with a nut of truffle butter.

Let’s go to the cooking the fillet. Cook on one side for about 7 minutes, on a hot plate. Once turned add a drop of extra virgin olive oil that will help us to caramelize the meat. Once cooked on the other side, the fillet should also be seared vertically and then rested for a few minutes on a suspended grill. This will help us to trap the juices of the meat inside the fillet and make it very tasty.

We serve very simply the fillet on a hot plate with a little mushrooms passed in the pan and adding roasted and broken hazelnuts, so as to give the crispy part to the dish. Add a knob of White Truffle Butter on the fillet which, with its own heat, will melt it making it even softer.