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With the Truffle Academy chefs we have prepared a simple but tasty recipe, perfect to enhance the amazing flavor of fresh truffle. The sausage, cooked with must and black truffle are a first dish of the holidays, something precious to share with someone important. A very tasty dish that goes well with the Summer Black Truffle but that is enhanced with some fine black truffle slats.


For the pasta, mix 4 tablespoons of flour, type “0” and 2 tablespoons of flour of type “2” incorporating warm water [1]. Work first in a bowl and then by hand, on a wooden chopping board. As soon as the mixture has reached the desired consistency, let it rest in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

When the dough has compacted, cut slices and roll them out as if to form Vermicelli [2] which we will cut about 5 cm long [3]. At this point we will give life to the Strascinati pasta, dragging, precisely, the dough with the tip of a kitchen spatula [4].

Meanwhile, fry the hand-broken sausages in a pan with a little oil. As soon as the drains are cooked, drain them directly in the pan and sauté them [6].

Remove the pan from the heat and mix the pasta with a mixture previously prepared with a yolk, a whole egg, Pecorino Romano and grated Parmigiano Reggiano [7]. A sauce very similar to that of carbonara will come out. It is important that this step takes place out of the fire, otherwise the egg is cooked too fast. To get the best yield, however, it will be the heat of the dough that will make the egg clot.

You just have to compose the dish [8], garnishing the pasta with a few drops of cooked must [9] and a generous amount of black truffle sliced directly on the plate [10]!